Ogilvie Late Night - Joy and Suffering

Joy is made manifest only through Christ and if you are trying to acquire it in any other way, you will continually experience the disgrace of empty depression.  That is the great reversal my friends.  We would like to believe that it is the comforts of life that bring joy.  We would like to believe that it is pleasant circumstances that bring joy.  We would like it to be great purchases bought with our own hard labor that brings us joy.  But it is not. These are merely momentary glimpses of happiness, that once subsided, prove even more that our joy is not complete.  The hole widens, the eager expectation increases, and the fervent search for greater hope results.   It is only through the Gospel of Christ that true joy is experienced.  Joy that lifts beyond our circumstances, that can see the greater playing field of life, the larger goal and purpose of living and see that no matter what may rise against us, we can place our hope, our very trust in the God who graces us with suffering.  (Read Philippians 1:12-30)

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