Manuscript Monday: Ruth & Relationships - Marriage

The Monday before I teach at the Awakening, I try to share a piece of my manuscript so that the community can get an idea of what we are talking about.  Here's a snippet from my preparation for tomorrow night.

We are going to discover an aspect of marriage that we rarely notice, books rarely discuss and we rarely think about.  So many people enter into marriage thinking, "Now I will be happy, Life will be exciting!"  But for those of you that want to get married someday, if you're single, dating, engaged, or even if you are married, you need to hear this. You know what's worse than being single and alone?  Being married and numb. 

Many enter marriage with excitement and crazy expectations of blissful romance and then after years of falling into routine, they realize they've become simple friends with benefits at best, and boring roommates at worst.  They are always dreaming about being somewhere else, with someone else, and doing something else.  Husbands and wives feel trapped in a perpetual  loneliness committed more for the kids or appearances then to each other.  In fact, many of us grew up in that kind of environment, and we do not want it! 

So my Question is this: How do we keep from having a marriage that leaves us numb, one that is boring and Lonely?  What can a single person do today that will give a great return on their marriage tomorrow?

I look forward to some great discussion tomorrow.  Shannon and I look forward to being interviews by YOU - the Awakening.  We are accepting emailed questions now and will have an opportunity for you to ask them at the Awakening tomorrow night.

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